Kest has lived on Planetside Orbital Station 6 his entire life. He's know for a long time that he needs something wordless the station can't provide. As he looks out on the fractured surface of the planet below, he hears a warm whisper. A promise. Hope.

This is a story about doing whatever it takes to get the care you need, and getting more than you asked for in the best possible way. It's mostly safe for work.

Content warning for:
Trans body dysphoria, several cis background charecters, gatekeeping bullshit, trouble breathing but in a hot way, one gun that can’t hurt anybody, apocalyptic landscapes, blushing, heavy petting, and rapid loss of human status

Made during Yuri Game Jam 2018

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This is an incredible story. The writing, the trans experience in a world that COULD be good but chooses not to be, the salvation by finally joining people who are different (queer).

"I want to be made strange" is such a raw line, like holy shit. That's so queer and trans. Incredible.

Now, am I imagining things, or did you also have a more erotic story in this same setting? I can't seem to find it any more. Did it exist at one time, or am I misremembering?

Edit: Aha, I'm not losing my mind! Fountain was also an amazing bit of fiction, I absolutely loved it and wish I could read it again. Thank you for creating it, and I hope one day you feel comfortable sharing it again.

This was at once therapeutic and disorienting as well as mind-expanding to read.  Thank you for making this and putting it out there! I want to experience more of this stuff.  Also what caused earth to become like that?

This is incredible! Your writing is so evocative, and having that first part about Kest's everyday work really helped emphasise the sense of freedom and exploration in the second part. It's also very sexy, haha :)

Looking forward to checking out your other work!


would you extend this game ?

and also please give option to choose gender :p

Is there a way i could download this game?

Oh huh, I haven't really thought of that. If I have time I'll add a downloadable copy, sure!

I love this game so much!!! Thank you for making it!

I'm glad you liked it!

this was absolutely fantastic!  amazing job, looking forward to checking out other works.

Loved this game. Incredibly resonant themes and made me feel lots of things. Excellent work. ❤️